It’s Only the Wind

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

Her hair blows with the wind, a sight that takes my breath away. One simple smile from her and I forget everything. Her laugh makes me laugh. Ever since I met her, my nervous system has been in complete turmoil.

She was dating a friend of mine. I knew he would mess up like he always did. When he did, I was waiting to comfort her, from that time on our beautiful friendship grew.

We got caught in a spring rain storm. The wind fired across the town, Casey’s umbrella was folded backwards, and the rain was thrown into our faces. Casey began to laugh. It was in the moment I held her face in my hands and planted a sweet kiss.

The wind swept through me as I looked in her eyes I realized I was in love. The cold wind, the rain and the sound of traffic all disappeared. It was just Casey and me.

I remember how my grandpa talked about love. “Don’t be scared son, it’s only the wind.” My home is where she is. My heart is where she is. I knew I needed to find Casey. I headed to the event center.

There she was, in a white dress with lavender flowers. Casey was hosting an event. She smiled, but I could tell she was surprised to see me. I walked right up to her and looked her in the eyes.

“I love that you get excited over board games, doll furniture, and everything tiny. I love when you go on and on about history, friends, and your book club. I love that you are uncoordinated, cry when you are happy, sad and even during a good commercial, and how you sing off-key. I love when you say my name. I love that you think I am funny, smart, and brave. I love that you put up with me when I act like a two year old. I love that I can’t imagine my life without you. The truth is I hope you would do me the honor of being my wife.”

Through tear filled eyes, Casey said yes. And true to Casey fashion, she forgave me for interrupting her event. Even those in attendance erupted in applause.

The wind comes in many different forms. Our relationship has seen the fiery fierce winds, the cold breezes that bite your skin, and the warm breezes of the summer. No matter the wind, I sit back and watch Casey’s hair dance in the wind. This relaxes me and I remember we will always be okay as long as I remember what is truly important. “It is only the wind.” Casey is the strong oak tree that my world centers around.

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