Mother’s Day

 In Permanence of Wings, Today's Feed

Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings

Every night when I put you to sleep and every morning when I collect you from bed, and on those days when I wake up to you breathing beside me, still asleep, peacefully living in your beautiful head. Your nose moves ever so slightly as you take in air, and your eyes dance under their little blankets.

I wonder what memories invade your thoughts and what worlds you’ve crafted in your dreams. How long will you believe in fairy-tales? How long can I let you think every smiling face wishes you well? Someday you’ll learn there are no storybook princesses or princes, but there will be dragons to slay. It’ll be bittersweet when you learn to carry the sword and clear the wolves in your way.

For now, your face always meets the sun and your happy feet run through the tall grass, towards the valley, where there are promises of good things to come. For now, your tongue meets the rain, and your eyes greet the stars before you’re tucked in safely at the end of another day.

Someday you’ll bury your face in my chest and your generous heart will hesitate to leap. I pray I’ll be around to console you when you find ugliness in beauty, and witness when you find strength in pain. There will be doubt, but certainty will find its way to you again.

I wish upon your eyes that I’ll be here when you surprise yourself…a genuine grin, mud on your face, hair blowing in the wind, standing steady but relaxed. You’re unafraid. You are the very light that drowns the darkness. My hope for you, sweetest one, is that even after life mars you, this way you shall remain. When everyone retreats, you’ll still look up to the skies, arms stretched out, rain meeting your tongue once again.

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