Pictures in the Hall

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

As I look at these old photographs I wonder

Who are these people

So perfect, so true, so young, so happy

Their life so full of dreams

A wedding day, babies, laughter, vacations in the sun

Did these perfect souls really exist

Or are they just pictures hanging in our halls

Where has their perfect life gone

The photos still stand

Some in the Hall

The grander ones in the foyer by the front door

They adorn the piano, the dressers and the walls

But where has their perfect life gone

Were they ever really happy or are these perfect pictures

Just an image to the life they imagined

Where are the pictures of the fights, nights where she cried

The job losses, unpaid bills, the day they smashed the car

From the outside looking in our legacy will be these perfect pictures

Hanging in our hall

Our pictures tell our tale

A life of love, laughter, and fun

A life of dreams and ever after hang happily in our hall

We choose the images we want the world to see

Of these lies hanging in our halls

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