Collective Reasoning

 In Permanence of Wings, Today's Feed

Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings

It takes one person to plant the seed and sometimes they’re even able to make it take root, but an idea or movement to better the world can only truly flourish with the support of many.

A collective can affect law, bring down corruption, demand justice, and make those accountable, answer to the people. A collective can instill peace, build and heal communities, and protect and defend the innocent, the underprivileged, the helpless, and even an entire nation.

A collective can also instill fear, destroy life, torment millions, abuse power, and do the unimaginable.
It is easy to think of our actions as pointless or ourselves as having very little influence over the decisions that matter, but you are more than ‘just one person’; you have a strong voice.

You are the stuff that makes up a collective.

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