The Leather Case

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

Walking in the warm sunshine brings me so much joy. I even enjoy the click of my heels on the payment. I love walking downtown. Everywhere I look I see a building my great-grandfather built. This was his town and now it is my town. I am running the family business. The door might say Morin and Sons, but the mastermind behind the company is a great-granddaughter.

These old brick buildings went through a depressed time. Now they are being brought back to life. I love the new, fresh look my company is providing. The old alleys have become little neighborhood gathering places. I imagine they were just like this in my great-grandfather’s day.

I look up and wave at the workers. The sun beats on my face. I smile. Ah, I love the sunshine. My hard hat slips a bit and I reach back and pull it back forward. I glance down and see a new leather case in front of me. I want to make sure this gets to its owner.

I reach for the case and stop. Tied to one of the leather handles is a white scarf with lilacs on it. Lavender is my favorite color and lilacs are my favorite flower. My stomach drops. I know this bag is for me. I am afraid. I don’t want to open it here.

I pick the bag up. It is very heavy. There is no way I can move it. I will have to open it right here in the alley. I look around. No one is here. I look up; the workers are on break for lunch, which is where I was heading. Instead I will crouch down in my nice business suit and dig through a new leather case.

I slowly unzip the case. I pull open the sides. I am in shock. This heavy case only has a small handkerchief inside. I reach down and pick up the handkerchief; of course it is white with lilacs on it. It matches the scarf.  I place the handkerchief in my right hand and I slowly open the fabric. Lying in the center is a key.

I have been searching for this key for over 10 years. I know it goes to one of the clocks in the house on 27th. Now I will finally have the answers to the questions that have haunted my dreams. Why me? Why now? My grandfather looked for this key, my mother, my brother, and now me. I glanced down and the leather case was gone.

It is just me, a lady with a new path before her, and an old key. I close the handkerchief in my hand. I have to keep it safe. I tuck it into my pocket. The house on 27th is calling to me. I hear the ticking of time from the many clocks that lie within the house.

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