Lie Down in the Spot

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I am shopping at the high end stores. All the clothes I try on fit perfectly.  The fabric is amazing, plus the style of the clothes hide my flaws. I look at my face in the mirror, I am glowing. I look so beautiful. I need to buy this mirror. My hair has no static, it is silky smooth and lays perfectly. This is the best shopping day ever….

(Phone ringing.)

What is that?

(Phone ringing.)

“What? You just ruined the most amazing dream. Oh God, I overslept. I will be there in 30. Just stall. I don’t know, tell them I am stuck in traffic. I can’t keep talking I have to get ready”.

I can’t believe this is happening. This is a prime example of why I don’t like all the attention focused on me, because when I screw up everyone sees! I have been planning this for a year. What the heck?

Run to the bathroom, oh God I really should have bought that mirror. Well, no time now. Why did I say 30 minutes? It will take me that long to get ready. No, I can do this. I will look amazing in 15.

I slap lotion all over my body, deodorant, brush teeth and clean ears at the same time. I run to my room to grab my dress and shoes. I do not like dresses. Okay, I have to stay focused. Where are my shoes? Back to the bathroom, my hair looks like 1983. It just means it is going up. I twist it into a bun and tie it with a blue ribbon. Of course there are hairs hanging down. Easy fix, I curl them quickly with the curling iron. Looking pretty good, but I need earrings. I run back to the bedroom and grab my grandma’s diamond and pearl set.

Yes, these will be beautiful with my outfit. I run back to the bathroom and begin applying my makeup. No time for perfection, I can hear my heart racing. I take a deep breath. It will all be okay. I am never late, maybe this means something? I can’t think now, I don’t have time.

I step into my new dress. The dress is beautiful. I feel icky. I wish I had time to shower. I can’t do this now.

(Phone ringing)

“I am just about to leave. I can’t find my shoes. Oh that’s right. Is Jenny there? Did she bring the shoes?”

“Perfect, I am leaving now. Can you block off a parking spot for me? I don’t have time to look for a place to park. I don’t know how, lie down in the spot. I will call when I am 5 out.”

Okay, no shoes, I can drive without shoes. I gotta go. I got the keys, my wallet, and phone, crap – my head thing.

(Phone ringing)

“I am in the car. Yes I think I have everything. Well unless Jenny didn’t bring the shoes. Then I will be walking around barefoot…awkward. I am just pulling in.”

Okay, deep breath I am ready.

“Oh wait, my veil.”

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

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