How To Sort Your Whole Life Out On A Chairlift

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The warm rays of the sun beam down on the fresh corduroy made by the groomer. Snow glistens and shines as if it’s made of diamonds. The sky is bright peacock blue, the colour of a crayola pencil crayon. Crows dance above and sway to the slightest breeze. It’s only 9:00 A.M. and my feet are dangling happy and free from the chair. It’s a zip-down, vents-open, gloves-off kind of day. There are 18 towers on the eagle chair; 18 towers of pure bliss.

Between towers one and five my mind goes crazy with thoughts, ideas, inventions, and all the things I want to during my Spring Break. I have two weeks off and I mostly want to chill, and not spend too much money or go anywhere too far. It’s Mercury Retrograde after all: I’m feeling very introverted and happy to be a hermit. Balanced, of course. I’m currently reading one book every eight days, and as long as I’m outside sitting in a sunbeam reading a good book I’m filled with nothing but pure content.

I’ve been staring at a pile of PVC tubing in the top of the barn for months wondering what I could do with such a pile of creative gold. Ah ha! I’m going to plant strawberries in them. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Just drill a hole every six inches, run a watering tube through it, and plant a seed with marigolds as a companion. Oh, how the simplest of things like strawberries and marigolds make me so happy. I’m only at tower five. Yes! I have so much more time left on the chairlift!

I forgot to do yoga this morning because I was too full of energy to settle down and focus. So, coming up – chairlift yoga at its best. The quad chair is much better for this, as I can extend my leg and do a full forward bend, but the double chair will have to suffice. The people behind me must think I’m crazy because I’m truly doing full stretches on the chair; twists, bends, eagle with just my arms, finger and wrist stretches, shoulders, neck…the works.

Tower eight. I’m going to do some deep breathing and try sitting still now. How many deep breaths can I get between towers…breathe in…hold…breathe out. Two – that’s pretty good. It’s quiet and serene. The subtle scent of trees and spring is in the air. The crows above coo, caw, rattle, and click in conversations with each other. The little birds in the trees chirp with spring excitement. It’s music to my ears.

Tower 12. Steep and above the treeline. Turning around to take in the scenery, my eyes take in mountain tops for miles. I’m in awe. It never gets old. Never.

Tower 14. Sun seeker. I’m a sun sun seeker. I should change my Instagram name to Sun Seeker, yeah. I want to go to Costa Rica, and eat all the fruit, and be in the sun all day long. I have so many pictures of sunbeams. So many. Also never gets old.

Tower 16. I wish someone was here to share in my excitement. Oh well, I’m pretty happy by myself.

Tower 17. Oh, I know what I’m going to write for the next writing challenge: How To Sort Your Whole Life Out on a Chairlift.

Tower 18. I’m here. I wave to my favourite lifty, and I’m off. I should call a friend and take them on a run with me!

My whole life from the perspective of a ‘flying couch’ as one of my students once called it. And that was just one chairlift ride…I have many more of those to do today.

Written by: Diamond Rose

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