Time Wizard

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I’m a time wizard. I am always in the right place at the right time. Especially at the ski hill. It’s so busy. The parking lot if full at 10:30 this morning. I’m late arriving, yes, but still, it’s way busier than it typically is for a Sunday. The sun is beaming wide and bright. I don’t park at the back like everyone before me does. Nope, I just keep driving towards the front of the parking lot, when I see the perfect spot for Ruby. Albeit on a parallel parking angle when all the rest are 45 degree angles. However, if the first car would just pull up further and all the rest followed suit we wouldn’t have this rookie problem. I am often the one starting the centre lane of parking, but today, I am parked in a great spot, hand-waved in by a gentleman just standing there waving me in.

          I take my sweet time getting ready; have a snack, open up a package of hand warmers that I thought I wouldn’t need but upon  arriving quickly decided I did, have a long conversation with the man who so generously waved me into the parking spot he wanted, and go to the bathroom. I finally strap in and skate up to the lift where I load with no hesitation on a chair by myself. I love to ride the chair alone, as it is a great  tool for meditation and/or sorting out my entire life and/or inventions and/or great ideas. Today on the lift, I am formulating a lesson for the boys I’ll be teaching over March Break. All the chairs ahead of me are loaded to capacity, as well as all the other behind. I have perfect timing to load, and do so without butting, or waiting, or hesitating in the least. My first chair today is #77. An ominous chair I’m trying to make nice with. I do laps all day in this manner. The lifty argues with me saying its statistics and educated guesses as to how I manage to get a chair to myself on the busiest day with 6 different ski race teams at the hill. I disagree. Time wizardry at its best.

       I go in to the bathroom and the very next moment my friend walks through the door. How amazing is that? I do not have to try to meet up with her, it just always happens automatically. Who knew we would both need to pee at the exact same time. If I didn’t load the long and slow chair, if I didn’t stop and take a million photos, if I didn’t take the long way around, if someone wasn’t in the bathroom already so I had to wait outside the door, I never would have seen my friend.

         At shambhala music festival a few years ago, my friend and I lost eachother within the first 45 minutes of the first stage we were at. I left that stage and went to another, 1 of 5 others to choose from, and within minutes of dancing, my friend wrapped her arms around me from behind, and it was the happiest moment as it is possible to lose your friend and not see eachother until the next day.

       I’ve driven from Invermere to Nelson taking the ferry and without looking at a ferry schedule or the time, after a 4 hour drive with random stops along the way, arrive at the ferry terminal as the last vehicle boarding. More than once.

    I am a time wizard.

Written by: Diamond Rose

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