Excuse Me, Officer

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“Mon, what is taking so long?”

“Rach, the toilet paper is going the wrong direction. I have to fix it.”

“Monica, no you don’t.”

“Can I figure out how to work the toilet paper mechanism?”

“What, no Monica we need to go.”

“Rach, I did it”

“Can we go now Mon?”

“Rach, the people in this establishment have not been properly trained. I can’t walk out of here until this problem is fixed.”

“Mon, what do you mean?”

“I need to fix the toilet paper in every stall.”

“What, Monica No”

“Come on make yourself useful, Rachel you know I’m not leaving here until this is fixed, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“Mon, really”

“There all done, don’t you feel happy and complete inside Rach?”

“No, Monica, we have spent too much time in the ladies room.”

“Rach, I would really like to talk to the person in charge. I could give them some pointers.”

“Yah and I am sure they would point us right out the door Monica. Thank goodness we are finally out of the ladies room. Mon, why are you stopping?”

“Rach, I guarantee the men’s room has the same problem.”

“Monica, no”

“Stand guard Rachel, I’m going in.”

“Mon, no…you have officially crossed over, this is insane.”

“Rach, I will only be a minute.”

“No you won’t you never are, Monica I am not going to stop people from using the bathroom.”

“Oh! hi sir, I am here to check the stalls, just act like I am not here.”

“There is a crazy lady in the bathroom.”

“Yah I am aware. Mon, get out of there”

“Rachel, the toilet paper is wrong in here too.”

“Monica nobody cares”

“Yes they do Rachel, I care”

“Monica the police are here.”

“I can’t be arrested, I am helping. This is not a criminal act. Rach, maybe the toilet paper at the jail is going the wrong direction.”

“Mon, they are going to put you in a straight jacket.”

“Officer is your toilet paper going over or under?”

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

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