She Can See Things

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Falcon is her name; after the bird soaring above as she was birthed into this world. Her eyes are
as black as the night and her skin the colour of caramel. Her straight black hair shimmers with a
hint of blue in just the right light. She was born with gifts not even her elders can explain. She
can see things; she can see into your soul and know what it is you are to do. For this , she has
been given a token of utmost importance. Endowed with a gold necklace embedded with a jade
pendant the size of an apricot pit, this necklace represents her status; the highest, not unlike the
status of the Queen. She rules the members of her community in a way that guides them to their
truth; the truth of who they really are. For one look into their eyes, Falcon is able to see Your
truth, Your mission, Your purpose.

It is Larkin’s 16th year today. And today the celebration is one of childhood surrender and
purposeful embrace. Larkin was born only minutes after Falcon, making this day a day of
shared truths and shared gifts. Larkin’s gifts, however, have developed in the way of physical
touch and healing. She is able to heal any wound, any pain, any ailment with just the slightest
touch. Together, with Falcon’s ability to see and Larkin’s gifts of healing, they will celebrate the
beginnings of a greater world.

Larkin’s long golden hair hangs down in waves streaked with burnt orange and chestnut
brown. The ceremony consists of weaving together a lock of each girls’ hair; jet black together
with goldenrod to represent the power of light and dark, day and night, good and evil.
Together, their gifts will heal the people and, consequently, heal the planet. Falcon and Larkin
will start at home, healing the community and the land from which they live. From there, they will
spread out, like eagles wings and touch as far as the end of the last outstretched branch on the
last tree on Earth.

Written by: Diamond Rose

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