Adventures With Ruby

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We go everywhere together. She’s bright and sparkly, and a smile forms on my face
every time I see her. It all started with trips to the ski hill; long, windy roads with a cliff’s edge on
one side and a rock escarpment on the other. The trip is an hour long, on roads that are less
than desirable for a nervous ‘winter’ driver, and in addition to spending a lot of time together we
really got a new understanding of each other’s little quirks and weird character traits. We also
listened to music that was really fun and loud so as to pump,ourselves up for a day of riding. I
like to play the same song over and over and over, and over and over and over, so Ruby had
no choice but to accept that.

Once we are at the ski hill, I look for the best parking spot; not too close, but not too far,
and definitely in the sunshine with a good view. When it’s time for a break or if the conditions
are unsavory, having a picnic together is the next best thing. Setting up ‘camp’ and hanging out
with Ruby, especially when the sun is beaming down on us is my favourite thing. I have both a
book to read and a notebook to write in with me at all times, and basking in the sun with my
bright yellow snowpants on is my ‘ secret garden’. If picnicking inside my truck, the windows are
tinted, and unless the hatch is open, nobody even knows I’m in there. I can rest, relax, read,
write or listen to music and enjoy my space whilst watching the other skiers pass me by (and
wondering why the heck they are even attempting to ski on this sheet of ice) and feel like I’m in
a secret garden all to myself.

We’ve been together everyday since the beginning of the summer driving and camping
and again spending a lot of time, just the two of us. We’ve really grown to love each other, and
after parting ways for a short hike or solo adventure I’m always really excited and happy to see
her. Both of us just love the rain, which gives us the opportunity to not only enjoy the warm
summer rain falling on us, but also to just sit together and watch the world go by with nothing
but the soothing sound of a rain drop symphony.

We are at Box Lake Campsite right now, and indeed wishing I had a stand up paddle board.
The lake is calm and serene after the rain, with lily pads floating on top, beavers slapping their
tails, rhythmic loon calls, and blue herons soaring just above the surface of the water. It’s the
perfect place to hang out on the water.

The adventures this summer with Ruby are nothing like the adventures I’ve had with
Gracie or Bea. They were fun, but they do not compare to the trips that I’m having with Rube’s.
The places we are exploring, and the length of time we’ve spent together is much more than
Gracie and Bea together. We still have a few weeks of gallivanting around together before work
starts. We’re at Box Lake for another day, then head to a magical place called Little Slocan
Lakes before going back home. I’d have to say that camping and car picnics and adventures
consisting of driving more than 4000 km in a one month period is a great way to get to know
someone, and definitely my happy place, even if Ruby is just my truck.

Written by: Diamond Rose

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