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I am not allowed to go to Boot Hill Cemetery located in Virginia City, Montana. There is a darkness that surrounds the cemetery. It isn’t a safe place. The cemetery got its name, because the first residences passed away with their boots on, which in the old west, is not a good thing.

My family’s first visit to Boot Hill came in the 1960’s. My mom’s brand new camera just disappeared. My mom placed the camera on a bench while she took a photo for another couple. When she was done she walked over to get her camera and it was gone. The only people at the cemetery were my parents and this couple. It was very strange. My mom was heartbroken, because all her vacation photos were gone, so if you found photos of Yellowstone in the 1960’s and you don’t recognize any of the people in the photos. They probably belong to my Mother.

On their next visit in the 1970’s a fierce storm rolled in out of nowhere. On a beautiful hot summer day, hail, thunder and lightning blew in from nowhere forcing my parents to flee from the cemetery. The lightning flashed all around them. Wet and beaten by hard balls of hail my parents made it back to town. The storm had disappeared. People in town were dry and fresh looking. My parents were given many strange looks. One man even asked if they bathed in the horse trough. The storm disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

The final straw came in the 1980’s. My parents were robbed at the cemetery. A stranger climbed out of the brush, took my dad’s wallet, the car with all their belongings and worst of all, my mother’s purse. My mother’s doesn’t part with her purse. Just the thought that her purse might me missing sends my mom into a panic. I think her panic can be traced to this very moment.

That was it. I am not allowed to go to Boot Hill Cemetery in Montana. Our family has been back to Virginia City, Montana several times, but we don’t venture out to the cemetery. If I dare bring it up I am given the three reasons why I am never allowed to go there. So I am saving you the lecture. If you are planning a trip to Virginia City, Montana don’t mention it to my parents. They will give you the three reasons why you should avoid Boot Hill Cemetery.

Now if you believe all this, my father has ocean front property in Arizona for sale too!

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

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