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I make coffee. And the best damn coffee on the planet for sure! Every morning my coffee ritual is
my sanctuary. The place and time I carve out for myself. It’s not just any old routine, it’s a
necessity. It sets the tone for my day.

I prep my stove top Brikka espresso maker the night before, in order to bypass prep in the
morning and get right to the goods. I turn the burner on and while the water is boiling in a pot,
and the espresso maker is working it’s magic, I take this time to either prep my lunch for the
day, or set up my book nook station; With a yoga mat permanently set up surrounded by all
things reading and writing and a mug warming device I’m set to go. I spend on average 3 hours
here every morning! P.s I’m awake between 4:33 and 6:33 every morning. I like to wake up
when it’s still dark as I feel as though the day is all mine, quiet, clear and where anything is
possible. This tranquil and inspired space includes books by the plenty, writing notebooks,
diaries, sketch books, oracle cards, and crystals to use depending on what I feel desired to
delve into that day.

Once the coffee is done brewing I blend together in a Magic Bullet, espresso, coconut oil, Maca
powder, vanilla extract and top it off with hot water to make a foamy creamy latte style coffee. I
start every morning off with morning pages which mainly consists of a reflection of the previous
day and a list of some ‘must do’s’ today, like yoga, read, write or do something creative which
could be anything from making a collage, a short video, or putting together some jewelry.
With every sip of my coffee I revel in the deliciousness of it. I think it’s the best coffee I’ve ever
had every single day! Sometimes I add turmeric, or cinnamon to the mixture, when I’m feeling

I have a collection of mugs, hand-made by friends, or given to me as gifts, that I choose
consciously to use. When I’m missing my friend from Australia I use the wise wise Owl. When
I’m thinking of my best friend in Switzerland I use a red mug with dancing cows! My mom, a big
fat yellow mug. And this morning I’m drinking out of what my friend, Lisa, gave to me as a going
away present, a mug with a screen printed image of a bike surrounded by forest. It fits perfectly
in the mug warmer and currently my favourite mug.

I enjoy my coffee and the space that I’ve carved out for myself with this ritual. It is by far
something I partake in perfectly every single day.

Written by: Diamond Rose

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