Inspiration Challenge – That Wild Road Ahead

 In This Week's Challenge


Dear Writer,

Happy 2022!

This is another opportunity for another wild ride! We’re still not sure where this crazy road the world is on will take us, but that’s OK! We’re writers. We got this. In fact, it’s one of our skills!

How do you start any new adventure? Yup, that’s right! A full tank of gas.

It’s that simple.

What does that mean in this context? Yup, you got it…


It’s Wild Card Week!

What you share here this week is up to you. Do you have something in the journal bank? Bet you do! Shine it up, re-work it, or post it as-is.


As writers, our hearts are always reaching forward towards the next creative impulse, that next wild ride of a road through the imagined. Our minds, however, crave the satisfaction of the words, the feel, the texture of the letters on the page. That’s the real road we’re paving with our work.

This week, take the opportunity to start the year already satisfied, already here.


Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON.


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