Inspiration Challenge – We Can Be Heros

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“We are all the heroes of our own stories.”

This is a famous quote, originally stated by writer and critic, Mary McCarthy. Of course, because of its nature and context, it has been used and cumulatively augmented by many a writer since.

Because, yes! Writers are heroes. 

We are super heroes on a super mission to save the world with its own inspiration. What you write, and the stories you tell, no matter the form, inspire people to luxuriate on the essence of life. In a single bound, we free the world from captivity!

This week, place that intention into your pen before you write the words.

The story will unfold as it wants to. It will inspire who it wants to. You will be the hero by way of its creation.

Is there a battle cry here? Oh, but of course:

Fact, fiction, poetry, or prose.

Write ON!



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