Inspiration Challenge – The Writer’s Date

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As writers, we hold a very special slice of life in our hands – that slice of life where the meaning of life reflects itself – undefined and still wordless – off of the life we are living that we are compelled to sculpt it into words.

A better description, perhaps, is that we are innately aware of the precise words to lay on top of these reflections, like a sheet over a cartoon ghost, to make the meaning of life visible, however briefly and in context.

It’s a big job! And yet, so delicious.

This week, we’re taking that part of us, The Writer, on a date. We’re going to romance it with a new experience. We’re going to seduce it to speak.

This is an adaptation from Julia Cameron’s Artist Date from The Artist’s Way. If you don’t know it already, here’s the skinny:

Take yourself on a date. Go somewhere new. Go alone.

Let the break in routine inspire you. Let it reignite your creativity. Let it reconnect you.

This week, let your piece be the reflection of what you witness about life. The meaning of life is in living it, that richness. It can’t be told. It can only be shown by your stories, the ones you paint with words.

Hint: This is a lot like the Wild Card topic we do, except for the conscious cultivation of creativity – the romance!

Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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