Inspiration Challenge – Bird on a Wire

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Hey, Hey Hipsters!

What do you say?!

There are iconic phrases in art, literature, and music, that illustrate a tight connection to the cumulative and collective nature of writers and their work.

There are focus points, historically and artistically.

“A bird on a wire” is one of those phrases, one of those images, that resides in our creative hearts. We don’t even think about it. In an instant we know what it means, and oddly so, because that meaning is in fact wordless.

It’s alchemy.

This week, use that phrase in your piece. A bird on a wire.

It can be a constant, a cameo, or a wish. It can be a warning, a guide, or a futurist.

Like a bird on a wire, you are free to make it up!

Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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