Inspiration Challenge – Feast of Us

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This project absolutely rocks. Let’s celebrate.

All around us, the world is in gratitude of the harvest and of the beauty that is created when the seasons explode with change.

We are writers, sensitive to and responsible for, bringing energy into thought and thought into form. Our gift to the world is to break this bread into bite-sized pieces and share it into the world – so that it may create itself.

Our joy and our job has never been more important than now. We have the power to inspire, teach, give relief, and excite change. In every scene you paint with your words, and from every angle you bring into focus, your audience is moved into the future. It is no less than evolution.

This week, let’s make a super-wave of gratitude and joy and celebration.

Write about your favourite food.

We’ve done this before in the early days, but as this project has evolved, each of us has more focus in our writing. It will be exciting to see how our favourite foods show up in our work.

The smallest bite.

The biggest energy of change.


Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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