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We freaking rock.

As this project grows and evolves, it is incredible to wander through each of our individual collections and know that the next chapter for each of us starts with a single suggestion. The inspiration unites us, and then our creativity expands our collective library.

Does it get any better than this?!

We started in the beginning with a “choose your own adventure” kind of vision, and it has truly become that! Every week, each writer takes our common inspiration challenge, spins it in new direction, and takes us on a journey we could never imagine ourselves.

What we have created here is not just our own libraries, but a proper bodega! Each week, we open the door and on the way home we can pick up anything we need for our virtual road trip – anything from lasers through to cat-treats, and all the way to sunshine. Don’t forget the wine.

This week, let’s write a collective ode to our bodega. 

Goes like this:

You are just about to walk into the little store of your choosing. Everything and anything you need or would like to buy in that moment is there. Or, of course, they just sell that one perfect thing. They curate diverse specialties, these mythical bodegas, you know.

And you do know, that’s the adventurer in you, and you’re gonna write it up good.

“Chips, smokes, let’s go!” says Rickie from the Trailer Park Boys.

We got it all!

Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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