Inspiration Challenge – Manifest Destiny

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OK Hipsters,

Like last week, this will definitely not seem cool at first:

Write about the value of media. 

Make it a character, a plot, part of the plot, or an exposé of something positive. Talk about it directly, indirectly, secretly, or metaphorically.




This week, as we are, we are writers on-purpose. Our role in society is to go into those places that are corrupt or produce unrest in our systems. Media is arguably the most influential driver in our collective personality, success, freedom, and reality.

Our Facebook page will be live next week, and it is our number one strategy for marketing. Let’s come together this week and share how we manage such high levels of noise or interaction.

How is social media a positive force in your writing career? Write about it, on purpose.

Fact, Fiction. Poetry or Prose.

Write ON!

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