Inspiration Challenge – Wordsmithing

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For this week’s challenge, we’re going to do some group work. Grab a partner.

I know…worst phrase ever in a writer’s workshop!

Here though, it would be such a blast! We gots it goin’ on.

Here’s the challenge:

Pick a word from one of last week’s works – that’ll be your partner – and write your piece this week from that word. 

There are lots of words to choose from! Read through, and choose a word that “feels” as you read it. Skim through, and pick a word that sticks out. Or, find one of your fave words in another member’s piece.

Pick a word that impacts you in some way.

As for “theme”, that’s a wild card. Write whatever you want, but better; write what your partner wants to write.

Let the word speak to you.

Let the word write for itself.

Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

Wordsmiths craft.

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