Inspiration Challenge – Fireflies

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Happy Summer Hipsters!

It’s hot out there on one side of our world, and rainy on the other!

Let’s have a stay-cation excavation.

Here’s the task:

Post something you have already written, but tucked away.

This honours those inspirations that need completion. These are the stories written and unwritten, lurking around in your mind somewhere between deafening and forgotten.

These stories are the fireflies in your big backyard, twinkling, calling you to the window to see more, and to feel that instant joy inspired only by the magic of creation.

This honours those beloved pieces that are shoved in a drawer, held captive by your own handwriting. This honours those pieces that cheer you on from the sidelines of your calendar while you wait for your turn at the tele-help desk.

This is an opportunity to get these pieces in print. Let them be seen!


Use this week as a wild-card if you like! Write the next chapter in your series or write a piece you’ve been thinking about and wanting to try.

Have a spectacular week!


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