Inspiration Challenge – Short and Sweet

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Happy Humpday Hipsters.

And I’m a flake! I flat out thought I posted the topic on Saturday morning. Yeah, yeah…. sleeping on the job. I’m sorry!

I’m not going to apologize. I am, instead, going to brag. Things are going exceptionally well. These blog projects are finally starting to gel and move beyond the small groups(s) of us. That’s a huge goal and it means when it is time, CH will move quickly and easily into phase two – other members.

For now, know that all you do here will be used somewhere and you own it. Keep writing! Your stories are amazing.

That said, this week, let’s combine your awesomeness with our shortened deadline.

This week, write something short and sweet.

It could be a poem, a verse, a quick story about your neighbour, or a funny story about your allergies even!

Lots here. Enjoy!

Fact, fiction, Poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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