The Kiss

 In Jupiter's Hive, Today's Feed

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Jupiter’s Hive

I did see him first. I tried to duck back into the bank, but the pull towards him was too great. He felt me and stopped dead, looking up from his phone. There was no need to motion me over; my feet were already crossing the street.

Magnetism is the mark of long love, the kind that lives deeper than our bones. And yet it uses our bones to compel us. No longer seeking.

We don’t resist.

“You could call when you are coming. I would meet you for lunch.” He gripped the pocket of my jacket like he was going to rip it off.

“How are the kids?” I kept my hand in my pocket.

“Beautiful. Meet them.”

“You’re married, Sam.”

“She left me last summer.”

My heart dropped back into position, and before I could take in a breath of my own, he was kissing me. His arms were around me, cars passing us by, as the light changed.

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