Inspiration Challenge – Long Lost Friends

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Hello Hipsters!

Finish this image:

You are walking from the bank to the car in your hometown, and you run into an old friend.

What do you do? 

Write where this takes you in the life of that character.

You can be you for real, or the Queen of England.

You can be on this planet or in a galaxy far away. You can be from the future. You can be from the past.

Your car could be a horse, a skateboard, or a leer jet.

Just a reminder:

Those are merely suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. Go anywhere you want with this topic challenge. Ultimately, the image is your unique interpretation, and your piece will grow from that first image you see when you read the topic.

Choose your own adventure!

Have a blast from the past!

Fact or fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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