Inspiration Challenge – Shrimp on the Barbie

 In This Week's Challenge, Today's Feed

OK Hipsters.

This week will be like that twisted Facebook status…or Judo:

You are undercover at BBQ. Any season of the year. Any country. 

Across the crowd of virtual strangers, you see a colleague. They need a ride out of town, and as a matter of fact, they need an accomplice.

Who are you, and what do you do? Are you Navy Seals? Are you a Plus-one? Are you Market Intelligence at a Network event?Are you crashing a wedding? 

Any way you slice it, dinner will be excellent, and the drinks will be fruity. You already have three little pink umbrellas in your back pocket and you are on your way back to the bar. Invite your friend to join you. Talk details.

GO! Have an undercover blast!

Stay tuned… for fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON!

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