The Secret Weapon

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For the record, my heart’s desire is to write fiction. Truth and fact, that’s easy and utilitarian. The real challenge, the real love of my life, is always the mythical, that force grinding the dullness off of the edges and sharpening life into the beauty that it already is. We do not resist fiction. We slide into it knowing instead what we want to become. I think perhaps as a writer that is the greater offering anyway: the imagined.

What is my favourite food?


Definitely broccoli. It is the secret weapon and an inspiration for flowers of kisses.

Marta, always Marta, chewed and listened to Sam’s story. His voice was gently proud of his day at work, and his hands gestured the art of kind leadership. He was a beautiful man, and his team of students meant the world to him. Every summer the same; he was wishing they could stay and that part of his job could last the whole year. She was never more in love with him than when he spoke of his summer staff.

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Jupiter’s Hive

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