In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham, en Watur


His humming broke her sleep. She sat up in bed. Was it real or a dream. She held her breath and let the quiet answer her question.

Silence, it was just in her dreams. After all this time that melody still sent terror down her spin. She rested her head on the pillow. She could hear his keys clanging on their chain. The keys were the weight of despair.

She took a deep breath. Who was she kidding, there was no going back to sleep tonight. Then the humming broke her thoughts. He was here!

She heard the sound of a key dragging across the floor. It scratched right into her heart. She needed to leave…like yesterday.

She grabbed what was necessary and tossed it in a pouch. Her wrapped the string of the pouch around her wrist. She opened the window and dived out “Tomlin” echoed through her mind.

Poof…splash, she had hoped to miss Tomlin’s fountain, but she landed smack in the middle. Soaked she used this opportunity to hide her pouch. The Yahzrs wouldn’t be far behind.

Mihaila quickly dried herself. She was scared. Through her tears she saw her father in Tomlin’s fountain. “Do not be afraid my child. You know the outcome. You are not alone.”

“Father I am so thankful for you and your love.” Mihaila headed towards the city of Morrigan. She was walking into a trap on purpose. Her end was near.



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