Inspiration Challenge – Good Morning Mondaynam!

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Good Monday Morning Sunshine!

What’s the wish of every writer? Well, there’s as many as we are far and wide, but what is something so many of us wish for?

You got it. We want to write for a living! 

Of course we do already live to write, but there is something special about that internal desire to do nothing else at all. It’s almost as if the act of writing is the truest part of the gift – and the words the brilliant fruit. Like a tree, the pieces we write could fall away, but the inspiration is the tree. Always there. Rooted.

This week, we’re going to sync with that desire, that impulse. Instead of starting our weekend in the private community with the Inspiration Challenge, we’ll start our “work” week with the prompt. Let it be the thing that simmers on the back burner in your mind. 

The coolest thing about writing is that the thought is 98% of the process. Stacking the work week with an inspiration challenge is the loop hole! You’ll be writing for a living, bona fide.


This week, the challenge will sync us with the process:

Turn your commute into something to write about. Riff.

Make it it’s own story, or roll something you experienced into the plot line, the scenery, the mood, a character, or a dialogue.


Fact, fiction, poetry or prose.

Write ON



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