In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham


Have you lived before? In another time or place? Sit with the idea for a while, what does your gut tell you?

Everything was confused, even the weather was confused. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or snow. Lily had been sitting with these thoughts for hours.

Her coworker Batya had mentioned the thought. The idea of past lives rocked Lily to her core.

What do your dreams show you? Do you “know” people without a good explanation? Are some strangers familiar?

So much to examine. Lily filled her mouth with a warm fudge cake. The rich sweetness could always bring a calm when she had inner trauma. Next she swiped in a cool scoop of ice cream, yes even her scenes were confused.

Lily closed her eyes and savored the sweet flavors of warm and cold dancing across her tongue. Her mind took her to a street lamp on a dark evening.

“Don’t try to bribe me, I am not five years old anymore.”

“Not a bribe, I remember how much you used to love the warm and cold flavors together.”

“I don’t want it, I want you to end all of this and come with me. Everything will be okay, it will all work out.”

“I can’t darling, I have gone to far, caused to much pain.”

“You can always go back, you are good and there is still love and compassion inside and that is enough.”

“I can’t, take the treat with you.”

“Father please come back.”

Lily opened her eyes, she knew the answer to Batya’s questions. The answer was in her gut with a slice of warm fudge and cool ice cream.



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