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                                      COMMON GROUND

                                              The Beach Stage:

                                   Shambhala Music Festival 2019

                                        The first show in 5 years!

 Common Ground- Shambhala Music Festival Line-up

Teyana N- Vocals, Harp, Baglamas

Colby M- Vocals, Guitar, Violin

Catherine T- Keyboard,Vocals, Djembe

Scott J- Vocals, Guitar

Levi N- Vocals

Mary F- Drums, Ukulele

1. Dragonfly heart : Catherine-keyboard and Vocals, Teyana- harp, Colby- Vocals, Scott Vocals and Guitar

2. Precious Night: Levi- Vocals, Teyana- baglamas amd vocals, Catherine- djembe and keyboard, Colby- Guitar, Mary – drums

3. Lifeblood: Colby- violin, Teyana- harp, Catherine- keyboard

4. Love Naturally: Teyana- Vocals & Baglamas, Scott- Vocals & Guitar

5. Wild Places: Scott- Vocals & Guitar, Mary- drums, Catherine- keyboard & Djembe, Colby- Guitar & Vocals, Levi- Vocals, Teyana- vocals

6. First Heart: Catherine- Vocals & Keyboard, Colby- Vocals & Violin, Mary- drums, Scott- Guitar, Teyana- Baglamas

7. Dark Night: Levi- Vocals, Scott- Vocals & Guitar, Catherine- Keyboard, Teyana- violin

8. Boundary Sounds : Colby- Violin, Teyana- harp, Levi- Vocals

9. Universe’s Rhythm: Teyana- Vocals & Baglamas, Mary- ukulele, Colby- Vocals & Guitar

10. Summer Wish: Scott- Vocals & Guitar, Colby- Vocals & Guitar, Catherine- Vocals & Keyboard

11. Africa: Teyana- Harp

Written by: Mary Forwell; Diamond Rose

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